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Pre-marital & Post-marital Agreements

Pre-marital & Post-marital Agreements

In order for a Pre-Marital Agreement to have any standing in a subsequent Divorce it is important that the following guidelines are adhered to: -

Each party should have independent legal advice.

  1. Full financial disclosure should take place – this means that each Solicitor should be given the complete picture in respect of your assets, income and debts and this information shall subsequently be exchanged between Solicitors.
  2. Pre Nuptial Agreements should preferably be completed three months before the Wedding. The sooner the better, but if there is a whirlwind courtship or the matter is overlooked, it is best to compete a late Pre Nuptial Agreement than none at all.
  3. No undue influence should be exerted. If one party is pressured into signing then this is a relevant factor which will be taken into account later if the Marriage fails.

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