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Child Arrangements

Child Arrangements

When divorcing and or separating the last thing any parent wants is for the children to be “piggy in the middle”. The priority for the majority of parents is to protect their children from the adult issues. Unfortunately sometimes disputes arise over the children. Our team of family lawyers have a wealth of experience in working with families experiencing such disputes. Throughout, we will be committed to a conciliatory approach to putting the children first in bringing such disputes to a satisfactory resolution.

Should an abduction crisis develop we can act swiftly and take all necessary emergency steps to bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion.

If you experience the intervention into your life of the Social Services Department as a result of child protection issues being identified or are looking to adopt, our care and adoption department is one of the most experienced and respected in the North West of England.

Children Act Proceedings

Sometimes if matters in relation to the children cannot be resolved amicably between the parties, it is necessary to issue an Application to the Court. Applications can be issued to cover any matter which may be affecting the children following separation of the adults such as education, medical treatment, holidays or matters of where the children will live and when they spend time with their parents. Applications can also be issued for protective measures.

Proceedings can be filed in either the Family Proceedings Court or the County Court. If there are connected Divorce Proceedings, the Application will need to be made in the same County Court as in a Divorce.

The purpose of such Proceedings is to resolve any disagreement regarding future arrangements for your children.

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