Probate / Estate Administration

Probate / Estate Administration

When you die you will probably leave behind your property, personal possessions and variables (your Estate). Without a Grant of Probate where you have a Will in place on death or Letters of Administration (where there is no Will) no one can do anything with your Estate as no one has any legal authority to act on your behalf and interfere with your assets. In your Will you would have appointed Trustees and Executors to act on your behalf and where there is no Will a close relative or family member will often nominate themselves to deal with your affairs as Personal Representative. These are the people who may need our advice and assistance.

Our specialist legal team will guide you through what needs to be done in order to handle the “winding up” of the Estate with great sensitivity and understanding at what is inevitably a very upsetting and sometimes confusing and stressful time.

As part of our service we will consider whether there is also a need to minimise the tax liabilities on your Estate and those of your beneficiaries by careful tax planning. This may involve Deeds of Variation or Family Arrangements.

Sometimes there may be disputes between beneficiaries, Executors or those who want to make a claim against your Estate and we can advise should such circumstances arise.

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