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Victoria Poole re-secures Family Mediation Council accreditation

Victoria Poole has been recognised for the 7th consecutive year by the Family Mediation Council to undertake All Issues Mediation, which includes all aspects of family mediation.

The term mediation can often be misunderstood and cause confusion.

In a nutshell, mediation helps you sort arrangements for children and finance but Victoria has also written an easy 5-point guide to Mediation which helps break it down.

If you’re separating or getting a divorce, family mediation can help you sort out arrangements with your ex-partner or other family members.

Family Mediation helps all sorts of people; married and unmarried, parents, grandparents, step-parents and young children can all take part.

If you have any questions about mediation, would like more information or to understand if and how mediation might be able to help you, contact the office on 01606 48777.

For more information or to speak to one of our experts, please call us on 01606 48777

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    Glynn Carter
  • "SH&Co. handled my settlement agreement really smoothly and hassle-free. Very friendly and professional service and I'd definitely recommend to anyone in a similar situation."

    Phillip Bailey
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  • "Highly recommend the conveyancing services. Extremely satisfied with the overall level of service provided - kept me informed at every stage, providing good information and advice."

  • "I was absolutely terrified of contacting a solicitor and of the family court process but I should never have worried – my solicitor was amazing: she not only listened but she was caring, understanding and compassionate."