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The month of love, romance and... divorce

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Sweetness or Sadness?

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s day came and went this year as it always does – with the usual commercial assault of hearts and flowers, hugs and kisses, cupid, chocolates and cuddly bears!

What came a surprise though, was the shock announcement of two Royal divorces within a week, one either side of the big day itself.  

First came the news that Peter Philips, the Queen’s eldest grandson, and his wife Autumn have separated after 12 years of marriage, but with an ongoing commitment to co-parent their 7-year old and 9-year old daughters.

Days later came the announcement that the Earl of Snowdon, the Queen’s nephew, and his wife of 26 years Serena, are also set to divorce.


An Amicable Parting

The statements for both couples highlighted the amicable and agreeable nature of their parting which of course is positive and bodes well for the divorce process, which in itself should be less stressful and acrimonious in the future.

Although under the current law a divorcing couple must give evidence of one of five specific facts that demonstrate the irretrievable breakdown of their marriage (3 being based on fault and 2 based on a period of separation – link to our fact sheet ), the reintroduction of the landmark Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill into Parliament earlier this year should soon see the introduction of ‘no fault’ divorces and the removal of any blame in the process.


The Biggest Divorce Myth

Disappointingly though, corners of the media were also quick to comment on Peter and Autumn Philips’ separation being a ‘conscious uncoupling’ rather than a sudden split, and that ‘a quickie divorce’ wouldn’t be on the cards… thereby perpetuating one of the biggest divorce myths.

Oh dear, sigh, eye roll emoji… here we go again!

Quite when the media are going to cotton on to this we don’t know, but (*SPOILER ALERT*) there is no such thing as a ‘quickie’ divorce! Fact.

Regardless of whether it’s you, me, royalty or celebs, every divorce case follows the same set court procedure, often taking 4 - 6 months (unless resolving financial matters which can create additional delays).


Get The Facts & The Best Advice

At SH&Co. we know the legal world and all its jargon can seem confusing at the best of times, and what we read in the ‘news’ can further muddy the picture.

Which is why we’re here to bust those myths and provide you with the best independent legal advice - the legal facts in plain and simple language.

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