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A summer of splits...

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… and we’re not talking the banana kind!

Hot on the heels of the shock end to Kevin Costner and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s respective 18-year marriages, Sofia Vergara (Modern Family, America’s Got Talent) has recently announced the end of her 7-year marriage too.

Celebrity divorce has been shaping up as quite the hot topic this summer, but we ask ourselves, should we really be that surprised?

Seasonal Divorce Trends

For many years now, divorce solicitors and relationship counsellors have seen a spike in divorce and separation enquiries towards the end of summer.

Much like the Christmas break and its resulting ‘Divorce Day’, the summer holidays can push any relationship over the edge, particular one which already has cracks in it.

And with The Times recently  reporting on the 20% increase in divorce rates since the introduction of no-fault divorce, it doesn’t look like this year will buck the trend.

The Holiday Blues

It’s true that we all need a break from our daily routines and everyone loves the idea of a holiday, but the reality can sometimes be a far cry from the dream.

Major unresolved issues can follow you, it’s just a difference in geography, and the summer holidays with all its trappings can pile a ton of extra pressure onto a relationship that has already been experiencing difficulties.

  • Increased financial pressures - juggling work and childcare, arguments over spending…etc.
  • Increased emotional pressure - entertaining the children, trying to create ‘happy memories’, grabbing some ‘me time’, putting effort into your marriage
  • Longer periods of time together, increasing tension and highlighting your differences
  • The realisation that you’re just not on the same page anymore – the disparity in personality, opinions, parenting styles, life goals, politics…etc.

Even hearing friends regaling their own happy holiday tales or scrolling through loved up couples’ snaps on social media, can highlight personal unhappiness in your own relationship.

Roll on ‘Back to School’

Post-summer, post-holiday you might be emotionally and physically exhausted.

Your relationship may have completely broken down and your mind might be made up or perhaps your marriage is still salvageable but you feel confused and unsure.

But you have options.

Joint counselling might be an excellent idea if you’re struggling to communicate, with organisations such as Relate which can offer a calm, civilised and impartial environment in which both parties can discuss and explore the issues and their feelings about the marriage.

Seeking legal advice, at the earliest possible stage before separation, is critical. A specialist family lawyer can advise on your position and options, and give information about family finances and negotiating the financial settlement. This is especially important if you are financially the weaker party.

Where you stand

At SH&CO, we know that making the decision to divorce can be incredibly difficult and painful, particularly where children are concerned, and that your thoughts and feelings about your marriage and the possibility of divorce, may shift and change over time, back and forth.

And whether you’ve made that decision for sure or not, we are here to help you understand the process, discuss your options and clarify your position.  

If you’d like more information or just to have a chat, call us on 01606 48777 to book yourself a FREE initial consultation with one of our family lawyers (for all new Family Law clients).