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Lasting Powers of Attorney

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If you haven’t made your Lasting Power of Attorney yet, now is the ideal time to do so.  We can help you prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney, both in relation to Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare. 

By putting these in place, you are taking control of your future, and ensuring that if the time comes that you need help managing your money, or making decisions in relation to your home, the people who you trust the most, and have your best interests at heart, will be able to make those decisions with and for you. 

If in the future you can no longer decide how you should be cared for, and where you might live, your loved ones can also take over this responsibility for you. 

Lasting Powers of Attorney are particularly useful for those in the following situations:-

  • People with business interests
  • The elderly or infirm
  • Those suffering from illness
  • Parents of young children

Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney is as important as putting a pension plan in place, and neglecting to do so can have upsetting consequences.  If someone does not have a Lasting Power of Attorney and later they lose mental capacity to deal with their affairs, very often close relatives will need to make an application to the Court of Protection to be able to manage things for them.  Not only is this considerably more expensive and time consuming, it can be also be a painful process, with family thinking “What would Mum or Dad have wanted?” 

Why don’t you avoid this, and start the new year confident that your future plans are taken care of.  Take advantage of our December offer of one Lasting Power of Attorney for £350.00 plus VAT, instead of £400.00, plus VAT, saving £50.00 plus VAT, or two for £500.00 plus VAT, rather than £600.00 plus VAT, saving you £100.00 plus VAT if you have both.  Please note that there is an additional fee for making the application, which is charged by the Office of the Public Guardian.  This is £110.00 per Lasting Power of Attorney. 

You can be assured of receiving a professional, friendly and experienced service with us.  Call Rachael Lainton on 01606 48777, and book your appointment.  We look forward to seeing you.