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Which solicitor is best for you?

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Life’s ups and downs

Working in the legal sector means we really do see people through the good times and the bad.

And this last 18-months has been an eye-opener!

Thanks to the global pandemic, weddings have been postponed , moving house was well and truly off the cards for a while , families have suffered with parents struggling to see their kids, all forms of domestic abuse have sky-rocketed, more care matters have hit crisis points, loved ones have died without wills in place and elderly relatives have lost mental capacity.

But then people started getting married again, some first-time buyers were able to get their foot on the ladder and dream houses could be bought thanks to the stamp duty holiday. People were planning ahead, writing wills and putting their affairs in order for peace of mind and those in crisis could access help and support more readily.

Whatever the experience and whatever the need from a solicitor, we all want the right people on our side, fighting our corner with our best interests at heart.

But if you’ve never had to use a solicitor before, or perhaps you’ve had a bad experience, how do you decide which one to act for you now?


Choice, choices, choices

Like many products and services we buy, there are often numerous solicitors to choose from.

So, take your time. Do some research and be prepared – follow our 5 Top Tips to help you make an informed choice rather than risking pot luck:

  1. Ask family & friends

Read a good book recently? Found a fab restaurant? Disappointed with a dodgy builder?

We all love being asked for our views, opinions and recommendations, and to share our experiences, so get asking! Talk to family, friends and colleagues – find out which solicitors they’ve used, who’d they’d recommend (or steer clear of!), and crucially, find out why.

  1. Online reviews & social media

To get a broader view of a practice from a wider pool, check out independent online reviews and feedback on social media. Reviews from trustworthy sources often give you an insight to previous clients’ experiences – spend a little time on those search engines, ask for recommendations on social media platforms and check out online reviews on Google Business pages, Facebook and specialist sites like Review Solicitors

  1. Testimonials

Although testimonials tend to be positive more often than not, they’re still worth a read as they often provide a more detailed insight into a client’s experience, helping you identify key factors that may or may not be important to you to during the process. Company websites are a good starting point for testimonials.

  1. Legal accreditations & shiny badges

Identify which legal accreditations the law firms have and what they can tell you about the practice and people. Most practices should have this information readily available on their website.

Are they affiliated with recognised regulatory legal bodies e.g. the SRA , the Law Society…etc. Are they recognised in any legal directories in acknowledgement of their legal expertise and experience e.g. The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners . Have they gained accreditations for process, compliance, costs, communication, management and client care? This key information gives you an idea of the firm’s professionalism and standards.

  1. TBYB

Can you ‘try before you buy’ e.g. does the practice offer anything for free so you can get a feel for the people and the place? Think downloadable fact sheets, free legal clinics, free initial appointments or any collaborative opportunities there might be through third parties. This not only gives you the chance to gather some initial advice on your particular issue but also enables you to meet the people – do they listen carefully and ask the right questions, do you leave your appointment feeling reassured, informed and with some confidence to move forwards?


Appoint with confidence

To make your life as easy as possible, we’ve outlined below the main reasons why you’re in safe hands at SH&Co.:


At SH&Co., your life is our business.

We care about you, your life and your family, and we’re here to help – whatever life throws at us, let’s keep moving forwards together.

For any specific information or to make an appointment with one of our lawyers, please contact the office on 01606 48777.